Robotic Simulation Services

Full service, end-to-end support

Asset Creation

Creating Digital Twins

3D Volumetric Capture
3D Model Creation and Generation
Technical Art - Rigging, Animation, Texture mapping, mesh collider

Simulation Environment

Set-up or Extend your existing simulator

Set-up - Unity, Unreal, Gazebo
Custom Physics Integration - Havok, Bullet, PhysX, MuJoCo, ODE
Sensor simulation support

Advanced Engineering Support

Adding Realism, Polish, Customization

Custom Physics models - collision, contact, friction...
Robotic Platform Animation, Custom Application Development, Embedded Development, Firmware...

Data Services


We help you build out high quality clean datasets whether it’s text annotation.  We find  and annotate qualitative data signals in your data with sentiment annotation.  Are you building an intelligent agent, we can help annotate Intent.  Perhaps you’re building a better shopping experience and you need semantic segmentation, we can annotate that.

Data Sourcing

Large datasets are the life blood of modern AI.  Building a dataset, augmenting an existing dataset is important.  We can help build out your dataset by sourcing new data.  This can be done through the brute force of authoring new data or finding relevant public datasets.  We’ll work with you to find the right data.

Mechanical Turk

We can set-up and run your mechanical turk campaigns to get your dataset kick-started.  We’ll set up the turk campaign, collect the data, clean the data, and get you high quality data.  To prove out assumptions and to kick-start a deep net project, using mechanical turk originated data is a good way to go.

Data Cleansing

A large dataset won’t do you any good if it’s filled with inaccurate and dirty data.  We’ll audit your data to insure validity, accuracy, completeness, consistency, and uniformity.  We can write custom scripts as well as some of the popular tools like OpenRefine, Trifecta Wrangler, Winpure, and Data Ladder.

Our Work


Third Wave Automation

Forklift - Robotic Platform Modeling

  • Tools and pipeline for Import of forklift CAD models into Unity.
  • Rigging of Unity forklift CAD models
  • Simulation of Forklift Control API.  
Sensor Simulation

  • RealSense D435 RGBD camera.
  • LIDAR 
  • IMU 
  • Contact Sensors
Simulator Environment

  • High fidelity environment and forklift simulation running in Unity on Linux.
  • Accurate photogrammetry scanning of warehouse and warehouse items.
  • Accurate physical characteristics of items in warehouse

Telepresence and Training

Start - Robotic Simulation for Human Support

  • Simulation environment for training their robotic systems
  • Allow a human operator to manipulate the arm and grabber, record the movements and data, then use that to start training the virtualized robotic system.

  • Create a digital twin of a complete robotic system and it’s sensors.
  • Importing the robot data from a URDF file
  • Simulate Robotic Platform – IK, control systems…
  • Create simulated environments for training operators in various situations–living rooms, kitchens, institutional environments…

  • Augmented Reality with both the Magic Leap and the Hololens.
  • Incorporate robust SLAM and dynamic Spatial Mapping.
  • Maneuver in the real-world, with collision detection, obstacle avoidance, and route finding.


Technical Artists

  • Modeling
  • Rigging
  • C#
  • 3ds Max
  • zBrush


  • Unity
  • Unreal
  • C++
  • Embedded
  • Systems Integration

Core Technologists

  • ML
  • AI
  • Simulated Physics
  • Computer Vision
  • Sensor Simulation


  • QA
  • Data Entry
  • Mechanical Turk
  • Mechatronic
  • Robotic Lab



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