Semi-autonomous, human monitored, forklift control system

Client Requirements

Third Wave Automation is an AI startup that has built a strong team of machine learning and robotics experts. They are developing an autonomous forklift solution based on a human in the loop machine learning stack.
ThirdWave required a high fidelity simulation of the forklift and environment for:
•AI Reinforcement Learning training.
•Testing and development of the overall control system without the need for every engineer to have access to an In Real Life (IRL) forklift. This provides faster iteration, testing, and safety.

Working Together

Though ThirdWave has some of the brightest minds in AI and real world control systems they do not have deep experience developing simulation environments. FS Studio on the other hand has collectively decades of experience in video game development, with full time artists and engineers on staff who have a very deep experience in developing high realism video games, VR & AR experiences using the latest tools and technologies. With the expertise synergism of FS Studio and ThirdWave we are able to provide the key components for building the future of autonomous AI and robotic systems.


Given a forklift CAD model, sensor data-sheets, and access to a working warehouse in 8 weeks FS Studio was able to provide a high fidelity environment and forklift simulation running in Unity on Linux.


We produced the following technologies:

Tools and pipeline for Import of forklift CAD models into Unity.
Rigging of Unity forklift CAD models with accurate joints, motors, masses, friction models, collisions and control systems.
Implementation of various sensors with noise models:
•RealSense D435 RGBD camera.
•Contact Sensors
Simulation of Forklift Control API. Control systems code almost exactly the same for simulation as is for In Real Life (IRL).
Accurate photogrammetry scanning of warehouse and warehouse items, such as pallets, pallet loads, etc.
Accurate physical characteristics of items in warehouse including mass, mass distribution, friction, and fast but very accurate collision models.


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